5 Signs Your Husband Wants A Divorce (And How To Prevent It)

Increased Stress Battering Your Marriage?

A lot of clients have been experiencing the unexpected stress brough about by the current situation.

Spending lots of time together can cause frictions and cracks to appear.

Sometimes it is much worse. It can fee like your relationship is over. Finished.

it can hard when you face the prospect your marriage could be over

5 Signs Your Husband Wants A Divorce (And How To Prevent It)

If your marriage is ‘on the rocks’ and you’re worried that your spouse is thinking about asking for a divorce, then this guidance is for you.  I often see these insights and you too should look for these things, a few signs that indicate your husband is thinking about divorce.

It is better for you to seek guidance early and resolve your issues.

Failing to act, I see, leads to a lot of unnecessary heartache and broken hearts

Heartache that could so easily have been avoided.

Resolution will happen only if you truely know what you do desire.

If this is your situation, I’ll tell you how to stop it and how to begin repairing your marriage.

What is the first sign to look for?

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Sign #1 – Arguing Over Anything & Everything.

Yes, experiencing an increase in the frequency and intensity of arguments with your partner is a clear sign that all is not well with your marriage. 

Do keep things in perspective.

Just because you and your spouse are fighting a few times a week… every married couple will disagree and have conflicts from time to time.

Do your arguments lead to resolutions or do they leave lingering hard feelings?

Are those arguments become daily occurrences?

Tending to arise over almost anything?

I see that things will become more problematic for you if this is your scenario.

Imagine this. If your are arriving 5 minutes late for a dinner date turns into a massive screaming match and results in both of you going to bed angry for the third time in a week, you have a problem.  

Does this type of thing happen frequently? 

Are small grievances or disagreements blown way out of proportion?

It is a strong sign indicating that your marriage is headed in the wrong direction.

If you and your spouse fight too much or argue often over small issues, you need more guidance and to learn how to prevent the useless arguments.

Psychic insight can help you. Sometimes through, a more defined strategy is required for you both to heal.

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Another more serious indication of an unhealthy marriage is when one or both of you stops trying to resolve conflict at all. Is that happening to you?

Sign #2 – No Longer Willing To Resolve Conflict or Find Solutions.

Does your partner seem to no longer care about the outcome of a fight?

Do they seem to feel as though trying to find a solution to your problems is pointless or hopeless?

This is a clear indication of deeper troubles.  

Is this kind of despair setting in?

Watch for your partner withdrawing further.

The next stage will be a feeling that there will never be a way for the two of you to live together in peace.  

Your marriage is in the real problem zone.

when your marriage is just not working

Sign #3 – Lack of Emotional Connection and Withdrawal of Affection.

Has you husband become distant and stopped showing affection towards you?

I see then a strong sense that they’re mentally checking out of your marriage.  

Look for other signs I often see. The overall lack of emotional connection and a lack of willingness to discuss or show feelings and emotions. This can be a real feeling of mental torture.

Readings often show revelations of this nature.

It is a worrying sign indeed. Your marriage is nearly over.

Sometimes if you are willing and know your mind and what you desire for your future, things can still be resolved. 

Insights can reveal ways to help re-build the emotional connection and lead your spouse into a new begining, one where he is showing affection again.

If you are seeing these signs, only by taking actions and learning what to do can you be sure to change a messy and painful future. 

marriage break up needs the help of true friends to advise you

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Sign #4 – Rarely or never having sex.

Sex is the energy force that binds you together. The delight of your union.

If you are too busy fighting and the emotional connection is now weak, you will already know that the sex has disappeared.

This is a sure sign of failure.

Failure to feed and nurture your marriage with the right energies and emotional connections

will you be left alone

Feeling a marriage crisis, caused by fading attraction or a low sex drive is a sympton.

A sexless marriage is a marriage on the fast track to divorce.

Is your spouse uninterested in sex? Making excuses?

My insights often see right into the source of the problems.

Sign #5 – Your spouse is absent more often or seems pre-occupied.

Was your partner staying out late more often?

Now they are showing less interest in family?

Trying to spend less time with you even though they perhaps now have more time?

You can be pretty sure my insights will reveal they are unhappy with the situation at home.  

I often discover in my readings that they’re preparing mentally for life apart, building a social life or possibly even dating someone else! 

If you’re spending less time with your husband than you have in the past or if he seems distant and pre-occupied when you are spending time together, these are clear signals.

Catch the situation quickly because your spouse is, for the moment, mentally struggling with the decision to end your marriage.

Next Steps: Where to go from here…

These are the signs to be aware of.

Do not sit alone wondering what to do.

Worrying it is all over and that your future will be one of loneliness and struggle.

Several of these signs together are a gathering storm. 

You need to get everything back on track or risk losing everything. 

I encourage you to act now to turn things around.

Letting matters get worse is not an option if you wish to avoid the pain, heartache and sorrow of your marriage breaking up.

A Psychic reading will help you.

What practical things can you begin doing?

What actions can you start taking?

The next thing to do?

Start by watching this free video by my friend and marriage guru Brad … he explains where you’ve been going wrong and what you need to do to make your husband fall back in love with you.

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