Psychic Instant Messaging Website Gives Away £10,000 of Free Psychic Readings

International Psychic, Ivan Isher, better known as Psychic Ivan ‘The Irresistible’, is
marking the launch of his newly updated Psychic Instant Messaging website by giving away £10,000 of free Psychic readings.

The free Psychic readings are delivered via the new websites Psychic Instant Messaging
system, which is very similar to popular chat services. In effect, it is a
Psychic chat service that provides live Psychic readings for users.

Any new visitor can claim a free Psychic reading and there isn’t any other condition in
order to qualify.

The Psychic Instant Messaging system itself has been upgraded and updated from an
earlier version. It allows anyone that wants a live Psychic reading to connect
over the internet with Psychic Ivan (or one of the other Psychic experts on the
panel) and have their personal questions answered instantly, in real time.
This service is founded on the Instant Messaging technology that many internet users
are already acquainted with. The idea is to make the Psychic Instant Messaging
service easy to use. It is reported that the majority of users, including new
users, soon become familiar with how to use the service and enjoy its benefits.
Another stated advantage, in comparison to traditional Psychic services, is that it is
available from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is a connection to the
internet. This can be by mobile phone, tablet or Pc.

Frequent Users of Psychic Readings

For frequent users needing Psychic readings, this service provides an alternative
way to develop a live connection with a chosen Psychic. For those people that
have never had a Psychic reading before, Psychic Instant Messaging can provide
a unique way to discover how the services of a genuine Psychic can assist in everyday life.

Who Can Benefit From Psychic Readings

There is little doubt that Psychic services are in demand. Psychic Ivan has stated that
he believes the men and women who will benefit most from his services is anyone
facing complex choices or difficult decisions within their day-to-day lives.
Psychic Ivan thinks this is a solution for individuals that feel they would benefit
from friendly and insightful advice in their lives. The subjects Psychic Ivan
deals with cover all sorts of life issues. These include every type of
question, from private personal questions through to family problems, relationship issues, health issues and business matters, as well as love questions and problems.
As an illustration, a person may find themselves looking for love or wondering about
the suitability of a current relationship. Psychic Ivan says that many people
do question the suitability of staying long term with their partners.

A Generous Moment

Psychic Ivan believes strongly in the power and effectiveness of the new updated
Psychic Instant Messaging service and believes it will be a way to help many
more people. To demonstrate his belief, Psychic Ivan made a decision to give
away and share £10,000 worth of Psychic readings credits.
These free credits will enable anyone to use, test and sample the updated Psychic
Instant Messaging service for themselves. It gives new users the opportunity to
chat ‘live’ and discover if the Psychic reading service will work for them in
their daily lives.
Psychic Ivan ‘The Irresistible’ discussed his decision to give away such a large amount
of free credits for new customers of his Psychic Instant Messaging system.
“I have provided this new updated Psychic Instant Messaging service in order that
anyone in virtually any place in the world can have access to my Psychic readings and services. Most internet users are familiar with instant messaging so this makes using the Psychic Instant Messaging service quite simple. It will make the service available to anyone”
“Even sceptics of Psychic services are in possession of the chance to test out the standard of my Psychic readings by claiming their share of the £10,000 in free credits I am giving away”.

Anyone Can Claim

Ivan continued to spell out the way the credits could be claimed.
“Claiming a share of this Psychic Instant Messaging give away is easy. Simply go to the
web site at Psychic Instant Messaging. Create a free account. Users will automatically be credited with 3 Free Psychic Answers via 3 free credits. These credits enable users to ask their most pressing personal questions and receive true Psychic answers and insight to their questions”

Psychic Ivan is convinced that live Psychic chat is the way forward. He believes
once users of the Psychic Instant Messaging service experience the quality of
the Psychic readings and the Psychic insights delivered, many will find
themselves using Psychic Instant Messaging on a regular basis.
For more information about Psychic Instant Messaging and the way it
works please go to the Psychic Instant Messaging website at